How to support your left-handed child in a right-handed world!

How to support your left handed child in a right handed world!

The aim of this site is to tell you about the trials and tribulations of how to support your left handed child growing up in a right handed world!  I am going to offer help, advice and suggestions of different left-handed products, which will help your left handed child in his or her day-to-day life.  My wife and I found book called ‘Your Left-Handed Child’ and decided to read it.  It gave us a great insight into how to bring up and support our son.  Click here to find the book and current prices on Amazon.

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How can I help my left handed child with his/her handwriting?

Handwriting has always been a huge problem for my son using normal pens and pencils.  He continuously smudged the ink on his work and he found it quite difficult to write with a normal pen and pencil and took a long time to complete his work.  It made him feel bad and different compared to his classmates. Fortunately, gone are the days when teachers would actually hit the students on the left hand to force them to use their right hand. He actually cried to us about it on several occasions, so we knew we had to help him find a solution and to help him build his confidence back up again. We had heard about left handed pens and left hand pencil grips, which were specifically designed for left handed people. We searched in all of the stationer’s shops to try to find them but couldn’t find any.  We then looked online and thankfully found the following products on Amazon, which have been a great help and he has been using them ever since! The STABILO EASYoriginal is the first ergonomic rollerball specially designed for left handers. It has a moulded grip zone, made from non-slip material which helps prevents muscle fatigue and pain. Every refill has a new tip making it extremely easy to refill with no mess and the pens are approved by UK teachers for handwriting in school. We can highly recommend them and my son is so much happier now! Click here to see the left handed pens, left hand pencil grips and similar products on Amazon.

How can I motivate and support my left-handed child to continue with sports?

Many left handed children including my son sometimes struggle with certain sports, especially racket sports. They often lack confidence in themselves and feel clumsy. It can also be quite difficult to teach techniques to left handed kids if you are a right handed person yourself. However, it is really important to point out that being left handed can actually be a great advantage, especially when playing or competing against right handed opponents because it can catch them out or surprise them. They can sometimes be really thrown off guard and have the impression that they are not playing as well as usual. Then, it starts to dawn on them that they are playing against a lefty. When our son was younger, we always read to him everyday and happened to come across the book “Little Lefty” by the author Matt Christopher, which is the story of Bill, who is the smallest member of the Blackhawks baseball team. He is a left hander and can throw better than anyone else. Our son really enjoyed this book and it is a great motivational story for any child who needs some encouragement that they can succeed in any sport, even if they are left handed. Equally, all of Matt Christopher’s books are pacy and action-packed, which are ideal for sports fans. To order the book or any other books written by Matt Christopher, click here to go to Amazon.

How can I find the best golf club set for my left handed child?

My son is passionate about golf and a few years ago when he decided he wanted to learn to play golf, we had a very stressful time trying to find suitable left handed golf clubs for kids. We asked in local golf clubs but the prices were just too expensive for us. Yes, golf is an expensive sport, especially to get set up with all of the necessary equipment. Eventually, we managed to acquire a second hand, left handed golf club set from a friend of ours but they were too long, so had to be adjusted. Equally, as your child grows, you will need to either get the clubs extended or buy new ones. There is a lot of choice for right handed children but the range is unfortunately quite limited for our left handed children, unless you want to spend a great deal of money, time and effort trying to find a good deal! Here, I have tried to help you narrow down your search with a short description of the products to make things easier for you and to help you decide which left handed golf club sets would be the best for your left handed boys and girls.

U.S. Kids 2017 Golf Ultra Light Golf Set

This light weight, left handed golf club set includes a Fairway driver, 6-iron, 8-iron, pitching wedge and putter and 1 stand bag. The optimal height range is 54 to 57″. Age 8-10. Good quality golf set from a leading brand!

Precise XD-J Junior Complete Golf Club Set

These left handed, high-lofted golf clubs make it easier to hit the ball; a junior Hybrid wood is included; all shafts on the clubs are made with ultralight junior flex graphite; the golf bag and stand are lightweight with dual straps so that it can be carried like a backpack.  3 age groups (3-5, 6-8, 9-12) for boys and girls. Very good value and quality!

TS 35 Starter Set Left-Handed USK PVD

This 7- piece left handed golf set is ideal for a child who is starting out. It is made of high tech material, is lightweight and produced by the leading brand U.S Kids. Highly recommended!

Powerbilt Junior Kids Golf Club Set

This left handed golf club set is ideal for children of the ages 5-8 years old or between heights of 3’8″-4’4″. It is a 6-piece set including a light weight bag, which is easy to carry. Ideal for beginners and good value for your money!

How can I support my left handed child to learn the guitar?

Life for left handed kids in the right handed world is not always easy. Learning most musical instruments such as the piano, keyboard or drums should not prove difficult or problematic for left handed children. If anything, left handed children may have the tendency to be more creative and expressive than right handed children. However stringed instruments such as guitars and violins can prove trickier to learn and master. However, not to worry because you can easily find left handed guitars to help your son or daughter and there is plenty of choice for fairly reasonable prices. Click here or on the image below to go to Amazon for more information about purchasing left handed guitars and learning how to play them.